Lamb Lambert, Author

"Cesar's Worst Bite" - Lab puppy Holly displayed disturbing food aggressive behavior and her owners were fearful their 18-month old son would be bitten just for having food in his hand.
Both Cesar and Lamb get a painful surprise when Holly lashes out with her teeth.
​Originally aired 9/2012.
"Unadoptable Maury" - 4-1/2 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback rescue was proving difficult to rehabilitate. Cesar provided psychological care and soon learned Maury had a 'true nose gift' and needed a new job. Cesar's request was two-fold: train Maury and link him to a qualified, loving handler in an industry Chief Lambert felt would benefit both dog and job-connection.
Meet Daisy - blind & deaf, she's an inspiration and proof that any liability or handicap one has does not diminish their value!
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​1st aired 1/7/11
"Vibing Viper" - 2 year old Belgian
​Malinois lacked social skills and confidence outside his immediate human family.
Viper's heart warming journey with Cesar and his team is documented from West to East Coast!
Owner, All States K-9 Detection & Dog Training

Retired from formal dog training exercises July 2015
CA P.O.S.T. Certified Canine Evaluator/Trainer
A.T.F. and D.E.A. licensed
So. Calif. Infragard Liaison Team Member
Recipient of the 2011-2014 O.C. Hot List Voters Choice for Best Dog Training
Recipient of the Fullerton 2015 Business Hall of Fame Award
April 2011 we participated in a "Stan Lee's Superhumans" series for the History Channel, setting up scenarios featuring dogs finding specific odores through their sense of smell; then the "super sense of smell guy, George Aldrich, "Nasal-naut on the NASA odor panel, would have a go at the same exercise.
November 1994
Long Beach Senior Olympics
Medals for 100M run, 200M run, and 400M run! 
​My grandson joined me on the field.

Article written & submitted by Sharron Lambert 

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Lambert, a former law enforcement officer, awarded Medal of Valor, named Officer of the Month and Officer of the Year, has trained both working and companion dogs since 1972; he began training with the Marine Corp. K9 unit in El Toro, CA and additional training in New Smyrna Beach, FL at the reknown Southern Hills Kennels.
He has contracted with a number of high profile venues to do both explosives and drug detection sweeps. Among them are Disneyland Hotel, Comdex-Las Vegas and Soul Train; 
he was internationally recognized in 2007 as the first person to introduce trained cell phone detection dogs into the U.S. department of corrections, and has been the subject in numerous news articles and magazines.

In 2009 Lambert opened a 4,000 sq. ft. indoor-outdoor training facility to the public, offering basic and advanced training, doggie daycare and boarding. After five years, he chose to do private in-home training.  He also provided a monthly free group training tips and agility for pet family members who had adopted or rescued, as a way of giving back to the community.

He and his team hosted "Lamb's K9 Connection" show on So Cal KNOC, Beach Cities Radio.
He's made television productions with Cesar Millan, "the dog whisperer" on NATGEO, for Stan Lee's Super Humans on the History Channel, recognized on PBS for a Drive-By economist production, as well as interviewed on numerous news channels.

In his free time, Lamb enjoys gardening (yes, he does have a green thumb!) and cooking up a variety of before-untried recipes.
Training Daisy