Lamb Lambert, Author

288 pages of color illustrated free verse poetry - familiar themes vary in emotions and is something to which readers are sure to relate to. 
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"Love expressed and wrapped in a gorgeous package."
By Pieslak on December 2, 2016
"This incredibly beautiful book would make the ideal Valentine's present. My brother bought a copy from the author and I had the joy of being able to read it. Kudos to the designer and congrats on the author's first book. A prize winner with heart warming sentiment."

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By Kaitlyn C on December 8, 2016
Verified Purchase
"This is such a beautiful book! I couldn't put it down. It would make a great gift for that person who has everything. It is so heartfelt and genuine. I have a copy for myself and one for my son. I can't wait to read his next book due out in the spring. This is a book I will turn to again and again. I will use it when I need comfort, when I need something special to pass on to a friend and when I just need a reminder that there is still love in the world."

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​​By patti on December 12, 2016
"This book is truly a work of art straight from the heart. The experiences of love, joy, pain, loss, faith and so much more, have been beautifully put into words by Harlen “Lamb” Lambert. And the artwork that accompanies those words is stunning. Amazing job, Harlen and Sharron! I look forward to the next volume."
"Such love, heartache and love...there are so many that resonate with me in many ways.
Amazing, inspiring, generous, sincere and honest."
Julie M, Canada  12/14/16
"This book was just what I was looking for to read on a quiet afternoon. I identify with so many of the emotions of love and loss.  The authors (husband/wife team) really put themselves "out there"sharing their most intimate thoughts.  Beautifully done both in prose and illustration."
CJ-Houston, TX

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By Kindle Customer on December 9, 2016
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"Beautifully written. Every time I thought I found my favorite verse, I would find another! I cannot wait for his next book."

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By Amazon Customer on December 7, 2016
"This book is really two wonderful books. It is powerful free verse poetry that says beautifully what we all have thought, and it is also a book of art so lovely that you do not need the words."

"Your book is a masterpiece. It's both beautiful and meaningful. The artwork, the colors, and the colors of your emotions: outstanding!
Best wishes for great success."
Sandra (1/24/17 - Tues. classmate)


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A Beautiful Work!
By Orange Co. Calif on January 7, 2017

Wise, tender, loving and timely questions our hearts ask.
"Well done! A beautifully conceived volume - deeply beautiful. Soul-satisfying and healing. 
Thank you for sharing your harts so freely. May it find the recognition it deserves - immense success and wide readership!"
Betsy (1/11/17)

​Heart, hope, and honesty!
By patti on January 26, 2017
"After reading Affairs of the Heart Volume 1, I was looking forward to reading Volume 2 with great expectation…..and I was not disappointed!
Another beautifully written book with stunning illustrations. Harlen “Lamb” Lambert has an exceptional way of putting his personal thoughts and emotions into words.
This book is filled with heart, hope, and honesty. I highly recommend it!"


Emotions Growing 
By Nancy Don on August 14, 2017
"This books of poems (Vol. 2) from the heart allows the reader to follow their own heart as they read these words. Each poem gives the aura of emotions simply stated and feeds the imagination for many moods and experiences.
Thank you for sharing your heart Lamb." 
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By Jeff Dineen on August 25, 2017

"I have had the privilege of reading some excerpts from Lambs book (which I am ordering today)and as everything Lamb does, it comes straight from a loving place in his huge heart. I have also had the good fortune to feature his radio show on 3 of my stations. Never have i been so grateful for a man coming into my life, not to mention his beautiful wife, Sharon. Lamb has seen and been part of more of humanity, good and bad, then anyone I know.

He was the first African American Deputy in Orange County and never complains or even mentions the heartache and poor treatment that came with being a professional African American at that time in America. Nothing Lamb has been through has taken that glorious smile off his face or quelled his love for his fellow man.
He is not only one of the best people I have ever met, he is so filled with wisdom and love that it will be impossible for you not to learn many truths from his book, and in doing so, become the person you have always wanted to be.
And as a bonus, you'll get to know the heart and mind of a true American who has sacrificed more than most of us can image and come out an even better person, if that's possible.
​Thank you for indulging me. Buy the book!"

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By Barbara Lynn Sandoval on August 25, 2017
"I read the first book. It was very riveting, very emotional. I am looking forward to reading the second volume and I'm also looking forward to the new book he's (Lamb) is writing about his life as a police officer. I wish them all the luck in the world and I can't wait to buy volume two.